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      集团具有AAA级资质,紧紧抓住投融资体制改革、国有企业改革等重要机遇,以优化金融投资板块布局为重点,以建立完善的风控体系为保障,积极拓展金融投资空间,着力培育股权投资、融资担保等金融业务,研究、分析宏观经济政策及行业发展动态、趋势,统筹集团投资发展方向布局、控股和参股各类金融机构及类金融机构, 整合公司资源,拓展金融价值创造;充分发挥集团资金、资产、资源优势,对能够产生未来稳定现金流收入的房建资产及经营性项目收入进行清理和估算,对现金流的平均水平进行基本判断,形成集团可供证券化的“资产池”,不断增强融资和投资能力,为集团重点项目建设提供资金保障。
    The group, which has AAA-level qualification, has seized the important opportunities such as the reform of the investment and financing system and the reform of state-owned enterprises, focused on optimizing the layout of the financial investment sector and taking the establishment of a sound wind control system as a guarantee, and actively expanded the space for financial investment, we will devote major efforts to developing financial businesses such as equity investment and financing guarantee, study and analyze macroeconomic policies and industry trends and trends, and make overall plans for the distribution of group investment development, holding and participating in various types of financial institutions and types of financial institutions, integrating the company's resources to expand financial value creation; giving full play to the group's advantages in capital, assets and resources, clearing up and estimating the income from housing construction assets and operational projects that can generate stable cash flow in the future, to judge the average level of cash flow, to form the "asset pool" for securitization, to enhance the ability of financing and investment, and to provide funds for the construction of key projects.